Day4P10: CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin – Sto. Nino Cold Springs

After Cantaan beach, we proceeded to Mamabajao for our lunch.  Although the ride along Camiguin Road was a visual treat, we could feel the scorching heat of the sun on our backs.  What we needed was a dip in cool waters of Sto. Nino Cold Springs.  After paying 20.00 Php/ pax entrance fee and 50.00 Php for the table, we immediately looked for a shed to take a rest before we swam in the pool

Naturally cold and clear water
Naturally cold and clear water

Sto. Nino Cold Springs contains an 8-ft naturally cold pool whose waters come from the ground.  The water is so clear that you can see the small fishes living in the pool.  The water from the bigger pool flows to the smaller pool that’s ideal for kids.

3ft cold for the kids
3ft pool for the kids

Being kids at heart, we first rushed to the 3ft pool to have our photo-op and get used to the cold waters of the pool.  We stayed there for about 30 minutes before swimming in the bigger pool.  The water was so cold, it’s like someone placed ice on it.

8 ft pool



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