Day4P12: CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin – Katibawasan Falls, Sunken Cemetery and Ardent Hot Spring


There are two crowd-drawer falls in Camiguin, Tuasan and Katibawasan falls.  Due to time constraints, we skipped going to Tuasan falls which requires 45-minutes trekking from jump-off point to the falls itself.   Instead, we made our way to the foot of Mt. Timpoong to visit Katibawasan Falls.

Katibawasan Falls

There was a minimum fee of 15.00 Php (6.00 Php for children) visitors would have to pay to enter the vicinity of the falls.  From the entrance, we already had a glimpse of the falls.  We descended the cemented stairs and dipped our foot in the cold waters of its shallow and small basin.

Katibawasan falls is a sight to behold with waters flowing from a height of 250 feet above the ground.  From where we stand, the whiteness of the water in contrast with the green trees and vines made me think of hair strands of an angel resting on top of the falls.

Katibawasan Falls


Sunken Cemetery is a giant, concrete cross built by the locals to commemorate the town cemetery that sank into the ocean following the 1871 eruption of the nearby Mount Vulcan.  Today, the tragedy of the eruption has been one of the leading tourist attractions of Camiguin and an income-generating site to its locals.

Sunken Cemetery

After getting enough pictures of Katibawasan Falls, we rushed to Brgy. Bonbon, Catarman because we wanted to see the famed sunset of Sunken Cemetery.  Unfortunately, it rained hard halfway through our ride that our driver was forced to make a stop-over.  For 30 minutes, we stayed in one of the local houses and went on with our journey when the rain abated.  The sky, however, was still dark, covering the sunset that we are anticipating.  Nonetheless, we proceeded to Sunken Cemetery and contented ourselves with the pictures that our cameras produced, given the limited light that we had.

Sunken Cemetery

There is no entrance fee to sunken cemetery but if you wish to go to the cross itself, you have to pay 20.00 Ph/ person banca fare.   We skipped the banca ride because we are freezing having been soaked in the rainwater.


The darkness already enveloped the sky, as if telling us to end our exploration.  But no, we still have one more destination in our list and I will not let it pass.  It is actually a perfect place to be considering the conditions that we had that night – there were constant lightning in the sea, raindrops are not showing any signs of stopping any time soon and the cold winds from Mt. Hibok-hibok are blowing as we traverse the wet roads in a motorbike and with our soaked clothes.  We need to be and we want to be in Ardent Hot Spring!

Sunken Cemetery

Ardent Hot Spring is the most popular out of the many hot springs of Camiguin.  It is composed of six natural pools with varying temperatures, 40 degrees centigrade being the warmest.  For a 30.00Php/person entrance fee, the place was a pure bliss.  The hot water relaxed our freezing muscles and it actually made me think of staying there for the night.  I had no picture of the place, however, because there was a human form beside me on my first solo picture in one of the pools.  We were terrified at first but decided to just delete it, not take pictures anymore and stay by our driver’s side during our stay in the hot spring.  🙂

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