Day3P7: CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin – Mimbalot Falls

Mimbalut Falls is located in Brgy. Buru-an, Iligan.  It is part of Iligan’s Tourism Triangle, along with Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls.  Sorrounded by trees and boulders of rock, Mimbalut offers a distinct and natural allure.

Mimbalut Falls

The water is cold and clean making it ideal for an afternoon dipping.   Locals go their to bathe, wash their clothes, or just hangout.  There is no entrance fee needed to be paid upon entering the vicinity of Mimabalut Falls.

Mimbalut Falls

We wanted to stay a little longer and take in the beauty of falls but it was getting dark and we needed to go back to CDO and prepare for our Camiguin trip the next day.

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