Day4P13: CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin – Pabua Cottages

During our stay in Camiguin, we stayed in the most recommended lodging option by bloggers, Pabua Cottages.  It’s proximity to White Island and value for money made it a perfect choice for backpackers like me.  Located in Rocky Village, Yumbing, Pabua Cottages, is just a stone’s throw away from Paras Resort and the docking shore of boats going to White Island.

Pabua Cottages signage
Pabua Cottages signage

I contacted Manong Poloy using his mobile number posted in the net.  He was accommodating in the text and answered to my every questions patiently.  Btw, don’t be fooled by Manong Poloy’s name.  When I first read his name, I pictured an old man with graying hair so I was surprised when a middle-aged man greeted us in the compound of Pabua cottages and escorted us to our chosen room.  

We only paid 700 Php for a two-bed spacious room with aircon, cable TV and its own toilet and bath.  The room also has its own terrace and Manong Poloy also catered our needs for hot water, utensils and the like.

Two double-size beds
double-sized beds

The room, including the bed sheets and the linens are clean making us comfortable during our stay.  The same goes for the private comfort room although it does not have a hot shower.

Private toilet and bath
Private toilet and bath

They also offer bigger rooms which can accommodate up to 10 persons but I did not ask for its rates so just contact Manong Poloy or Pabua Cottages in their contact numbers below for your inquiries.  He sure will answer to your queries in no time.  🙂

Beside Pabua cottages is another budget accommodation, Paguia Cottages.  According to our habal-habal driver, Kuya Frank, the owners of Paguia and Pabua cottages are siblings so their rooms and rates are almost the same.  Both resorts have their contacts of habal-habal/multicab drivers and boatmen that will transfer you from Yumbing to White Island.  Kuya Frank is actually one of them and confessed that he would have offered us Paguia Cottages if we had no reservations yet in Pabua Cottages.

Paguia Cottages beside Pabua
Paguia Cottages beside Pabua

Pabua Cottages Contact Information:

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