Day4P11: CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin – Bura Soda Water Park

Our next destination was another one of a kind spring that you only get to see in Camiguin – Bura Soda Water Park.  The place is famous for its champagne/soda-tasting waters.  I didn’t taste it though so I cannot attest to its flavor.

Bura Soda Water Park
Bura Soda Water Park

The water park has two big pools made up carbonated water sprouting up from the ground.  Locals also believed that the pool has therapeutic and healing powers.  Well, soaking in the pool, surrounded by the forest and a majestic view of  Mt. Hibok-hibok, I cannot agree more!

The Water Park ArcCan you see me? :D
The Water Park Arc
Can you see me

There are only 8 visitors when we got there.  Maybe because it was so hot that afternoon that visitors flocked to the nearby Sto. Nino Cold Spring.  It was a good opportunity for us to roam around the area for our photo opt and have one of the pools all by ourselves.  After a quick dip, we immediately went to our next stop.

Surrounding Park
Surrounding Park

Entrance fees were as follows:

  • 20.00 Php -For Adults (13 yrs. old and up)
  • 10.00 Php – Children (6 yrs. old to 12 yrs. old)
  • 50.00 – Cottage
  • Note:  Bura Soda Water Park is closed every Monday for scheduled cleaning.

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