Day2P3: CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin – White Water Rafting

As cliche as it may sound, you haven’t been to Cagayan de Oro if you don’t experience white water rafting so we made sure that we would not leave the city without being drenched by its famous rapids.  My friend and I were neither athletic nor swimmers so we contacted Kagay, the premiere and experienced white water provider for our safety.

Kagay rafters picked us up from our hotel in Divisoria at 7:30 AM.  They used this big jeep to transfer us and the rubber boat that we will use during the raft.  From there, we had a one-hour drive to our starting point.  We left our valuables such as cell phones, wallets, cameras and others in a plastic bag that is being kept secured by the driver of the jeep.

Unloading the rubber  boat from the jeep.

Being a self-confessed non-swimmer, I was really nervous about the raft.  Good thing, the guides briefed us on the do’s and don’ts while we’re in the rapids to prevent injuries, as well as the proper way of handling and using the paddles.


Kagay Guide briefing us

We took the Advance Course that is composed of 24 rapids.  It was a mixed feeling when I stepped in the rubber boat.  I could hear the gushing of the rapids, the thumping of my heart and the cheers of my excited thoughts all at the same time.  It was raining for the past week so the waters are extra high and the rapids are extra huge.

When we’re not busy paddling ourselves out of the rapids, we’re either feasting our eyes on the unspoiled beauty of the riverside or swimming in calm portions of the river.  There was even a point when the Kagay guides made us climb a rock and jump to the river!

 The guides told us that there were better and more rapids before typhoon Sendong hit the area December last year.  The typhoon dislocated the huge rocks that causes the rapids but we still enjoyed the ride.  It was pure adrenaline rush when the rapids try to flip our boats!!

You may bring your own underwater camera but since you will be very busy dealing with rapids, Kagay has this advanced rafter that takes pictures.

We call him “The Advanced party” 🙂

When we reached the end of our course, the jeep was already in there to pick us.  They dropped us in the city but we had group pictures with our new-found friends before we left.

Here are the Kagay Rates for those who are interested (As of July, 2012):

  • Beginners Course P700 / head – ( 3hrs. Actual River Run ) 14 Rapids  – Minimum of 6 pax
  • Advance Course P1000 / head – ( 4hrs. Actual River Run ) 24 Rapids – Minimum of 6 pax
  • Experts Course P1200 / head – ( 2hrs. Actual River Run ) 14 Rapids – Minimum of 6 pax


  • Jeepney transfer from Hotel in Divisoria Area to Put-in and Take-out back to the City.
  • Helmets, life vests and paddles
  •  (Optional):  Pictures P250/CD

Kagay Contact Information


Address: #21 Pres. Aguinaldo St., Cagayan de Oro City
Mobile: 0917-712-2323
Office: +88 310 4402
Look for Mr. Dan Kaamiño

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4 thoughts on “Day2P3: CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin – White Water Rafting

  1. Good thing your guide didn’t drop you somewhere in the rapids. Did they tell you where’s that “Kris Aquino” drop is? The white water rafting in CDO is a great experience. I can’t forget this embarrassing experience when I broke my paddle because I thought I am going to hit a rock. After that incident, no one said a word and I can feel they didnt know what to react hehehe.. I can also remember that tall rock you climbed. We also stayed in Divisoria district, at night there are lots of Ukay ukay (I bought a Ralph Lauren sweater for 300 bucks) not bad!! hehehe.

    1. OM! That’s beyond embarrassing.. hahaha
      kidding aside, what did the guides say? did you pay for it? what did you say? I can only imagine that it’s one of those moments when you’ll whisper “AWK-WARD” to yourself (with the sound of crickets on the background) hahaha

  2. Indeed that was embarassing. I offered to pay for the broken paddle but the guides refused my offer. They are very kind and even went to our hotel to give us our souvenir, the pictures stored in a cd. They also gave us directions to the zipline site. I’m not sure if that was the same place you mentioned in your blog. What I could remember is we took a jeepney from Divisoria then Habal-habal going to the camp. We also visited the Divine Mercy. We rely on directions given by the locals. If I have the chance, I would go back there. I was not able to go to Maria Cristina Falls and Camiguin Island due to lack of time. =S

    1. I think it’s different. That one’s in bukidnon. We took a jeepney from divisoria to limketkai mall, then a van and a habal2x

      You should not miss Iligan and Camiguin the next time you go there. Camiguin is everything a nature-lover could wish for!

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