Day2P4: CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin – Flying through Asia’s Longest Zipline in Dahilayan Adventure Park

It was past lunch when Kagay Rafter dropped us in our hotel.  In the interest of time, we just had biscuits for lunch, showered quickly and hurried towards Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon.

We took advantage of the two-hour travel to recharge our energies.  The white water rafting we did in the morning was delightful and tiring at the same time.  Upon reaching Manolo Fortich, we hired a habal-habal to drive us Dahilayan Park up in the mountain.

The ride to Dahilayan Park gives you a panoramic view of the pineapple farm.

Upon entering Dahilayan Adventure Park, we quickly headed towards the counter to pay the ride fees.  We availed All Zip Rides (320m + 150m + 840m) for 600 Php each and Dropzone for 750 Php / pair.  We told them that we will already pay for the ride photos but they refused saying that we should pay upon picking the pictures after the ride.

After paying, we rode the shuttle that drove us up to the launch tower.  The trip to the launch tower was a five-minute bumpy ride that seemed to have prepped us for our zip line adventure ahead.

We first took the 840 M zip ride before the 380 + 150 M rides.  In less than a minute, I felt the sudden fear of falling, awestruck of the green ravine, forest under me and the majestic feeling of flying in the clouds. Yup! you heard it right, the clouds.   There were lowlying clouds when we did the ride, maybe due to  the weather, or because we are uphill.  Whatever the reason is,  I’m just glad of the feeling of flying in the clouds. 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACan you see the clouds?

The two ziprides that followed seemed to be uneventful after experiencing the longest zipline.  After 15 minutes, we are done with the three zip rides.  We immediately rushed to the dropzone area and braced for another extreme adventure  – the dropzone .  Dropzone is a 120 ft pendulum-like freefall into a man-made lake.  Well, in our case, a hollow ground.  There were no waters during our visit but it was okay.  I was actually very excited about the dropzone since I saw it in the local TV ad the night before in our hotel room.

IMG_1488prepping up…masaya pa kami nyan..hahaha

The guides first briefed us on the safety precautions before arming us with the drop zone gear.  The gear was designed in such a way that the tourists will be the one to free themselves from the crane that will create the effect of a pendulum swing when released.   We were all smiles before we were lifted to the 120 ft mark but as we were raised higher and higher and the clouds started to blur my view of the ground, I started to feel jittery.  When I thought that we’re already 120 ft above the ground, I shouted “okay na po” to the guide and they replied that we’re just halfway through our elevation!  Imagine my horror when I heard their response!  What have I gotten myself into this time!! I could not see anything but clouds, I could not back out and it seemed that our rise will not stop any sooner.  Up to know, still get cold feet every time I think about it!


halfway there!

When we reached our launching point, I swore I could not pull the release!  Our guides shouted words of encouragement and it’s not that terrifying but how could I believe them when I could not even see them!!!  After counting 1,2,3’s for the nth time, I finally convinced myself to pull the release.  We counted aloud, 1…2…3.. closed my eyes, pulled the release and braced for the surge of wind but nothing happened.  ‘Turned out, my arms ran out energy and it felt like jelly.  Another 5 minutes passed before I could successfully pull the release  and boy it was all worth it!!! The fall and the swing was sooo much fun!


After thanking the guides, we hurried towards the office to get our pictures but to our dismay, there was no Zipzone personnel in sight.  According to a staff from the park, zipzone personnel all went back home.  It was sad that we dont have proofs of riding the longest zipline in asia but because we are catching up the last ride back to CDO, we dropped our case left the area. 😦


  • From your hotel in Divisoria Plaza, ride a Gusa/Cagman-bound jeepney.  Tell the driver to drop you off Limketkai Mall.  Fare is 8.00 Php/pax.
  • In front of Limketkai Mall, there are public vans going to Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.  Get in the van and pay 60.00 Php/pax.
  • There are habal-habals right after you get off Manolo Fortich.  These habal-habals charge 300.00 Php/pax for a roundtrip ride to Dahilayan Adventure Park.  Haggle!  They may lower their charge depending on your haggling skills.

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