Sumilon, Oslob, Dalaguete and Moalboal in Less than Php5,000

“Again?, you’ve been there for how many times now?  What can you see there?”  My aunt used to ask me where would be my next destination, and when I told here “Cebu” last month, she uttered those questions.  Instead of answering, I just smiled at her.  What can I see in Cebu?  With so many things to do and so many places to visit in Cebu, I didn’t know how to answer her question.  I didn’t even know how I would go to all these places.  Let’s just say that I got lucky that everything went well and according to my not so planned plan.  🙂

My career plan slowed down my travels this year compared to that of 2012 so I made sure that this one’s gonna be full-packed!  With not much time to prepare the itinerary, I just squeezed in all the things I want to do  and leave minute details of my iti (i.e. cost of transpo, where and what to ride to go somewhere) to faith.  It was my first time to travel with only a draft itinerary but it turned out great.  Here’s my Great South Cebu Itinerary:

Day 1:  Breakfast and Chicharon Shopping at Carcar Public Market

South Cebu Escapade

Day 1:  Praying in Simala Church

South Cebu Escapade

Day 1:  Drenched in Tumalog Falls

South Cebu Escapade

Day 1:  Snorkelling and Sandbar Lying in Sumilon Island

South Cebu Escapade

Day 2:  Swimming with the Whale Sharks

South Cebu Escapade

Day 2:  Meeting the rugged brother of Chocolate Hills at Osmeña Peak

South Cebu Escapade

Day 2:  Back Massage at Kawasan Falls

South Cebu Escapade

Day 3:  An Amazing World Below Moalboal

South Cebu Escapade

Day 3:  Strolling in Basdaku White Beach

South Cebu Escapade

Here is an image of our three-day actual cost.  Details will also  be reiterated in my next articles about our activities.

South Cebu Expenses

Everyone’s free to adapt my itinerary or edit it as you see fit.  Whatever you do, wherever you may go, the most important thing is to enjoy your travel!


38 thoughts on “Sumilon, Oslob, Dalaguete and Moalboal in Less than Php5,000

  1. I just love your itineraries. Well planned and the expense table is well presented. I wanted to imitate your cebu-bohol itineraries but the earthquake had set it back. Was hoping cebu-bohol-isla higantes were my goals for 2014 but the earthquake and typhoon yolanda pushed them back. Scrambling some new travel plans for this year and i hear isla higantes is recovering again. I want to go there so bad because it is cheap and nea from where i am. May you have more happy travels so i can read up your adventures 🙂

    1. Hi Lady Claue,

      Thank you for such kind words! I will be back in Bohol this August so I’ll let you know about the status of their sites. 🙂
      I also wanted to go to Isla Gigantes this 2014 but the typhoon forewent it because of Yolanda. ‘hope they’ll recover soon! 🙂

  2. Hi, can you help me plan to see these places you visited. My family will be in cebu Aug, 28 to Sept. 2, the places I want to see are kawasan falls, oslob for the whale watching, and I will add sumilon island. We discarded camotes islands on my list due to limited time.instead we replaced it with a visit to dalaguete. I want to maximize our time with full of adventures and memories. I will really appreciate for any help you can assist in planning this once in a lifetime vacation. I need help in planning how to get to destination to destination in efficient way as possible. Places to stay if you can suggest. Thank you for your time.

    1. You can use my itinerary below…it summarized my stay in all the places you want to visit, plus a day in moalboal. I really recommend that you include Moalboal in your iti…it’s the best underwater experience I have so far…and since you have longer time, you may avail Sumilon’s day tour package. Detailed entries about these places are posted around here. You may check them out as well and you can always ask me should you have more questions. 🙂

      1. Should we start our trip first to oslob, then tumalob falls, kawasan, moal goal then dalaguete in that order. Will I be able to explore these places in 2 days?

    1. Actually it’s like 4 Days, because we get to cebu night time. OK thanks you gave me idea. Day 1 oslob, tumalob and sumilon, day 2 kawasan and dalaguete, day 3, any suggestion? , day 4 explore SM mall, larsian BBQ, edge coaster ride, zip line. Next day departure early morning. Thanks.

      1. Day 3, moalboal and you can maximize day 4 by having a cebu city walking tour at day and dinner at larsians and head straight to crown regency for zipline and edge coaster. That’s what we did.. 🙂

  3. Your blog post was very very informative! Gagayahin namin sya actually! Thanks a lot for sharing it! 🙂
    Do you think it would be better for us to rent a van instead? 10 pax kasi kami eh. Ang worry ko baka hindi makapasok yung van sa ibang areas like yung sa falls and yung papuntang osmena’s peak…

    1. Hi anne, im glad you liked my post..i think renting a van is okay. In kawasan falls, you may park it in front of the church sa highway. The falls is just a short walk from there. Im not sure with osmena peak though

  4. hi we are planning to try your itinerary this oct, is it possible for us to visit cebu, oslob and moalboal in 3 days? where can we start in our 1st day. what can you recommend? 😊

  5. Wow! i will definitely copy your IT. Thanks for sharing 🙂 We are planning to go there on Holy week. You think overcrowded kaya that time? A family of 8 with 4 or 5 days tour. Whachatink?

  6. Hi, thank you so much for the awesome time table with expenses. It really helps a lot. We’re coming to Cebu this March and will be arriving around lunch time on our first day and leaving early on our 4th day. Do you think we can fit your itinerary in the amount of time we have? We decided to exclude Carcar but we wanted to go to Badian for Canyoneering. Thank you. Your reply would help us to decide a lot.

    1. Hi Anony!
      It seems to me that you only have two and a half days to spare. I suggest that you visit simala first and follow my 2nd and 3rd iti. I haven’t tried canyoonering yet but I guess you have to allot 1 full day here because it might take its toll on your body. Just switch it in one of my activities if you really want it. Thanks for visiting and have a nice vacay!!

  7. hi. nice blog. im planning to do your day 2 activities (oslob(whale shark), osmena peak, kawasan falls.) in 1 day as well this weekend,

    can i have a more detailed itinerary for ur second day? including the eta and etd?
    from osmena peak, did u ride a habal habal going to kawasan? what if i want to do the trek(kawasan traverse), will it still fit in a day?

    thank you.

    1. Hi kim,
      I can’t remember the time specifics during that day but I remember that we had lunch after our trek at Osmena. I dont think you can also trek in Kawasan Falls that day. We rode a habal2 during our visit. You can also visit my other post re Kawasan and Osmena Peak for more details. Enjoy!

  8. Hi Stunninglyschoonhead,

    I hope you can help me in making our itinerary for our December Cebu trip. I know it’s a bit too early, but it’s better to be prepared 🙂 Out of all the blogs that I’ve read, your itinerary seems to be the most practical and efficient, so I really hope I can get some advice. We have 3 whole days for our Cebu trip, as our arrival on the first day is around 6am, and departure on the 3rd day is on midnight.

    My friends and I want to be able to go to the following places:

    1. Oslob

    – Whaleshark experience

    – Tumalog Falls

    – Sumilon Island, and

    – The ruins in Oslob (Cuartel etc?)

    2. Moalboal

    – Kawasan falls (not quite sure if Kawasan is part of Moalboal though hehe)

    – Badasku Beach

    3. Dalaguete

    – Osmeña Peak

    I really want to make Oslob as our last destination.. I’ve been there just this January, and it was such a great way to cap off our Cebu trip. However, as in December we’re aiming to visit Moalboal and Dalaguete, I’m thinking of putting Oslob in the first day..

    Please let me know what you think and if you have any idea to make this work 🙂

    I’m honestly not really sure if this is doable or if these places can fit in 3 days.

    It would be really, really great if I could hear from you, I know you wouldn’t benefit from me or anything, but your help will really be appreciated ❤

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Hi. My sister and I are planning to go somewhere in south cebu and i think what you shared suits us best. I’ve read your itinerary and we will make it as our guide. I’m assuming you have your own underwater camera, but maybe, do you know some place where we could rent some a gopro or anynunderwater cam? thank you

  10. Hi girl,
    I badly need your advise. We’ll be in Cebu by Sept 5-8 (2 full days in Cebu) and my teammates really want to hike Osmeña peak and I would want to visit Moalboal. My friends from Cebu says, Moalboal is too far from Dalaguete but on you IT, you went there and visited kawasan. Did u commute? Was it hard?

  11. Hello stunninglyschoonhead 🙂

    Awesome, just what we needed for our South Cebu trip next year 🙂

    I just wanna ask some things, we have 3days 4 nights trip to Cebu and probably 2 or 2 1/2 days visit to South Cebu. Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls and Whaleshark experience in Oslob are shoo-ins for our trip. And we are now trying to decide what more to include in our trip. Thanks to your blog now I know it’s possible to atleast visit two more places. Moalboal and Osmeña peak are now on top or list. I would like to ask some question and/or suggestions

    1. Is it okay to go island hopping in Moalboal in the afternoon or is it better in the morning?
    2. Saw your post about moalboal, would love to try those as well but I wonder if those underwater activities are snorkling or free-diving?
    3. Where do you suggest we visit first, Oslob – Dalaguete – Kawasan – Moalboal or Kawasan – Moalboal – Oslob – Dalaguete
    4. Lastly, are you familiar with Boljoon? If yes do you recommend that place? Or any other cultural sites/towns to visit?

    Thank you so much. Your answers will help us alot. God bless! ☺❤

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