Hinatuan: The River that is Enchanted

Enchanted River Under the midnight stars, a group of nymphs dance elegantly above the river. Their long, silky hair follow the rhythmic movement of their slender body. Every movement of their body leaves a magical dust of life. The moon’s glimmer on the water is their spotlight and the river is their stage. The sound of the night and their songs charm the nearby animals who were there to watch the ethereal gala. Underneath, more river maidens swam gracefully to the surface of the water to join their mates. Every night, there is a celebration, steered by the protectors of the river and witnessed by nature. The dancing and gaiety continued ‘till the crack of dawn. On the first blush of sun, the nymphs turn into fishes and crablets. On daylight, the protectors continue to look after the river, but not in their natural form. Enchanted River That morning, our group visited the river. It was already 7:00 AM but we were still the first to arrive in the area. It may be because of the rain or the typhoon forecasted to hit the area, whatever it is, we’re glad we had the river all by ourselves. Like the animals enchanted by the divine ball at night, we were stunned by the beauty of the river. Its captivating color made us believe that it is a portal to a new world. Its cold water soothed our body battered by the undeveloped roads leading to the river. Fishes swam in sync (or shall I say making their watch) on the water. Everything is like a dream when we dipped in the water and looked around. Enchanted River Later that day, more visitors arrived and were enamoured by the mystical river. By noon, every swimmers get out of the water to give way to the feeding of fishes. It’s the time of the day when the fishes are responsive to the humans.  At night, right after the last visitor left the river, the fishes return to their lovely form and prepare for an entrancing dance on the river that is enchanted!

We saw this house on our way to Enchanted River.  Nice yard right?
We saw this house on our way to Enchanted River. Nice yard right?

*DISCLAIMER:  Notes about the ethereal gala at night and the nymphs were just products of the author’s imagination upon seeing the clear blue-green waters of the river.*


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