The Sky Adventure at Night

The sun has already retired in Cebu City and most of the Cebuanos are ready to call it a day but for us, the adventure is just about to start!  We’re going to end my birthday at Crown Regency Hotel, not to dine nor lodge but to walk on its outer rim and fly from the top of the tallest hotel tower in the Philippines!!!


Because we can’t afford its dinner buffet, we walked passed Crown Regency and went straight to Larsians, a barbecue mecca of Cebu City.  Larsians is a complex of stalls grilling pork, chicken, fish, squid, etc.  A haven for cheap but good food.


The moment you enter the complex, you will be greeted by stall owners eager to convince you to try their store.  Imagine a superstar being mobbed by fans and paparazzi.  That’s how you will feel as you walk inside Larsians!  But since all the stalls offer relatively the same products, we just settled in one of the dining areas in front of the electric fan (it was ovenlike in the complex from all the smoke of the grilling area).

They will sear your foods at the common grilling station found at the middle of the complex.  While waiting for our foods, they provided us with puso (rice covered with coconut leaves).  When our foods arrived, we immediately gorged our foods down to our stomach as the smoke of smouldered charcoal and aroma of the sweet, marinated barbecues seeped into our skin.  To even add to the typical Filipino style of eating, we ate with our plastic-covered hands (utensils are not provided so you will definitely learn how to eat with your hands).

Common grilling are at the center of Larsians
Common grilling are at the center of Larsians

For our barbecue feast, we had 10 sticks of chicken intestines, 10 sticks of barbecue, a slice of tuna, 2 stuffed squids, 8 pcs of puso, duck-egg and tomato salad and 1L of coke for less than 300 Php!  Did I already mentioned that it’s affordable?!? 🙂

You pick it, the grill it!
You pick it, they grill it!


After dinner, we walked back to Crown Regency and took the Sky Adventure package.  Sky Adventure package is composed of Edge Coaster, Sky Walk and Zipline for only 1,000.00 Php.

We first went to edge coaster- a two-seater coaster circling the outer rim of Crown Regency’s 38th level.  It has a button that allows you to tilt the coaster 90 degrees where you’ll find yourself facing the ground.

Actually, I have already tried Sky Adventure on my first visit to Cebu just last year and edge coaster gave me a scare.  During the first minute, the operators controlled the coaster and tilted it 90 degrees!  I was not prepared to see all the 38th floors and the busy street of Fuente Osmeña in a dark space below us!  I was deeply frightened that it took a while before I could think straight enough to tilt the coaster back to its original position.  For the whole ride, I was not able to tilt it back again.

Edge Coaster with my friend, Amapola
Edge Coaster with my friend, Amapola

I kind of feel that I have the need to redeem myself for being scared and not tilting the coaster during our first visit so I dragged my friends back to the hotel.  True enough, I was able to redeem myself!  For the most part of our ride, I tilted the coaster and this time, I enjoyed it!!!

We then moved on to our next adventure, the tower zip and sky lift.  I wanted to make it different this time so at 473 ft high, I zipped from Tower 1 to Tower 3 of Crown Regency, upside down, spider man position! As usual, the hardest part of the zip was to let your foot off the ground and depend on the two pieces of cable to hold your life.  The zip proper, however, was so short that you’re already on Tower 3 before you let out a shriek.


The Sky lift will slowly raise you back to Tower 1.  This is the more relaxed part of the ride and you will get to see and appreciate the city lights in the dark night of Cebu.

Next was the Skywalk Extreme- literally walking on the outer edge of the 40th floor of the building.  For me, it’s like a walk in the park but to my friends who have fear of heights, it’s terrifying.  A photographer and a guide will walk with you.  The guides injected activities to add thrill to the “walk” like asking you to sit or step on the edge of the platform with only one foot.

Scanned copy on our first sky walk
Scanned copy of our first sky walk

Taking pictures are prohibited during the ride so we bought the pics from the photographer.  They used to charge 230.00 Php for every printed pictures but recently, they introduced an option to have a soft copy of pictures.  USB with 3 pictures costs 350.00 and additional 100.00 Php may be paid for every succeeding pictures.


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