Whirling around Malapascua

Half of Malapascua was still snoozing when I walked outside the nice little picket fence of Cocobana Beach Resort.  The same time when the dogs fashioned Bounty beach as their playground before the rest of visitors take control of its sand and waters.  Armed with my camera to document the beautiful sunrise and a scarf that sheaths me from the cool morning breeze, I strolled along the beach.  By the time I reached the end of Bounty Beach, the sun has already shown its cherished flares leaving the onlookers in awe.

Sunrise in Bounty Beach
Sunrise in Bounty Beach

I walked back to Cocobana and had breakfast with my friends at our cottage’s porch.  The day before, Kuya Jevie, our boatman offered to bring us their pugon-baked Malapascua pandesal, hot water and coffee and chocolate sachets.  He charged us 42.00 Php for our food but we gave him 50.00 Php – a cheapo breakfast for all four of us.

The view from the lighthouse
The view from the lighthouse

After breakfast, we walked towards Barrio Logon and hailed habal-habals to bring us to the lighthouse.  Habal-habal costs 35.00 Php (one-way/two persons).  We asked for directions from the locals and after a short trek, we found the lighthouse proudly standing witness to the brave souls jumping the 50 ft. cliff or the guests marvelling the sunken ship.

Malapascua Lighthouse
Malapascua Lighthouse

Kuya Jevie’s son and our newfound friend, Arvin, followed us to the lighthouse, took our group pictures and accompanied us to Bantigue Cove.  As he lead us down the hill, informed us that the area around the lighthouse was called Guimbitayan because during WWII, captured japanese soldiers were beheaded in the hill, thus the word “bitay” of Guimbitayan.

Bantigue Cove
Bantigue Cove

A brief walk from the lighthouse, we found ourselves in Bantigue cove where the sand is whiter than that of Bounty Beach.  The beach is also cleaner,save for some algae in shallow parts of the area.  There was only one group when we went there so if you want to get away with the already few tourists of Malapascua, then Bantigue cove is the right place for you.

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