A Taste of Cebu at Chika-an

It was dinner time when we reached Cebu City.  We left Bantayan Island at 1:00 PM, the same time that I had my last bite.  We originally planned to taste Cebu’s famous lechon at CNT but it was already closed when we went there so we just roamed around SM City Cebu to dine in a resto that we cannot find here in Manila.  Luckily, the guard recommended Chika-an sa Cebu.

Chika-an sa Cebu
Chika-an sa Cebu

Chika-an sa Cebu is a restaurant that serves Filipino cuisines in a relaxed and cozy setting.  We ordered Lechon Kawali in lieu of our failed attempt to try lechon of CNT, Baked tahong, and Pochero with meat.  We must have been so starved that we wanted to try almost everything in the menu.

Baked Tahong @  110.00 Php
Baked Tahong @ 110.00 Php

I’m not really into eating baked sea shells.  We just ordered baked tahong  because my friend really loved it but it’s sweet delish taste made me change my mind.  Soon, my friend and I were fighting over the last piece of baked tahong.

Pochero with Meat @ 340.00 Php
Pochero with Meat @ 340.00 Php

We were surprised to see Chika-an’s version of Pochero.  It turned out  to be Luzon’s bulalo.  I devoured in its rich and tasty soup that I was not able to eat the rice that we ordered for being so full.

Unlimited rice @ 37.0o Php
Unlimited rice @ 37.0o Php

Lechon kawali was already deboned when served.  The crisp skin and soft and flavorful meat was great when paired with a combination of soy sauce and calamansi.  We took it out and it was still crunchy and tender when we ate it for breakfast the next morning.

Lechon Kawali @ 150.00 Php
Lechon Kawali @ 150.00 Php

Our experience at Chika-an sa Cebu is a habit-forming experience.  It easily established its place as our go-to restaurant when visiting Cebu City.

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2 thoughts on “A Taste of Cebu at Chika-an

  1. Thanks to your blog post, we decided to eat here and it’s just right across Radisson Blu Hotel where we’re staying. Got to taste their yummy baked scallops and grilled tuna. Sarap!

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