Bohol Island Hopping: Triple Treat in the Sea


We woke up early on our third day to start our sea tour in Bohol Sea.  I have previously contacted our boatman and he was waiting for us in the shore fronting our hotel, Dumaluan Beach Resort. Our first stop was dolphin-watching near Balicasag Island.  We left Panglao Island before 6:00 AM because the number of dolphins dwindle between 8:00-10:00 AM.  Dolphin-watching is like playing hide and seek with the dolphins and racing with other tourist boats also trying to spot the dolphins.  Lucky for us, our boatman knows his way to be the first near where the dolphins play.

Our first glimpse of dolphins
Our first glimpse of dolphins
Group of dolphins
Group of dolphins


After about 45 minutes of chasing the dolphins, we headed to Balicasag Island to snorkel and have our brunch.  It is not advisable to walk in Balicasag Island shores barefooted because it is covered with small pebbles and sharp coral pieces.

Balicasag Island shore
Balicasag Island shore

We first bought fresh squids and yellow fins and had it cooked by the locals.  The locals made a make-shift tent as visitor’s dining area.  Cooking fee is 100.00 Php per dish, 100.00 Php for a 1.5L coke, and 50.00 Php for 1L of water.  The price of the sea foods depend on the type of fish and the season.  We had 1/2 Kl of squid and 1/2 Kl of yellow fin for 450.00.  We found it expensive but we’re starving and we had no other choice.

Corals in the shallow waters of Balicasag Island
Corals in the shallow waters of Balicasag Island

After eating, we rented snorkeling gears and life vests and a smaller paddle boat to take us to the snorkeling site.  We had our aqua shoes with us so we didn’t rent snorkeling fins or shoes. One look underwater and it is easy to tell that themarine sanctuary in Balicasag is protected.  Hard and soft corals and starfishes of different colors and sizes litter on the sea floor.  Variety of fishes of different hues and different sizes swim with and around the visitors.

Nemo and his family
Nemo and his family

One thing I like about Balicasag is that it is friendly to non-swimmers like me.  The water is calm and clean and the rich marine life is found less than 5 feet deep.  I brought bread pieces with me when I snorkeled and when I poured it in, the groups of fishes swarmed around me.  🙂

Luring the fishes with a bread
Luring the fishes with a bread

Balicasag Island Snorkeling Charges:

  • Small paddle boat to snorkeling site – 150.00 Php / pax
  • Snorkeling Gears with lifevest – 150.00 Php / pax
  • Aqua shoes – 100.00 Php / pax
fishes were commonly found in sea anemones
fishes were commonly found in sea anemones


Approaching Puntod Island
Approaching Puntod Island

After an hour of floating and snorkeling in Balicasag, we went to Virgin Island.  Virgin Island, or more commonly known by the locals as Puntod Island is a crescent-shaped sandbar with coconut trees at the other side.  The shape of the sandbar varies depending on the tide and sometimes, the island is submerged in a 2-feet deep water.

To be honest, I was disappointed upon arriving in the island.  I just visited White Island in Camiguin and it upped my expectations of sandbars.  I was surprised to see dried sea grasses in the island and the litters probably from other visitors.  We walked to the other end of the sandbar where white star fishes were scattered and the view and the sand quality is better

After then, we sailed back to our hotel since the boatman is fearing that our boats might be stuck in the island  because of low tide.

Puntod Island
Puntod Island

Bohol Island Hopping Charges:

  • Boat Fee for all three islands – 1500.00 Php

This article is one of my 13-part Bohol travel series.  For more Bohol reads, check-out these links:


10 thoughts on “Bohol Island Hopping: Triple Treat in the Sea

  1. hello! We will be visiting bohol this nov and we also wanna explore balicasag. Is it alright to ask for your boatman’s contact number? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mona,

      I forgot the name of our boatman, but 0916-464-5214 is his number. You can also ask Kuya Tatsky (09164645214 / 0922-3671051
      / 0912-7472737). I believe he also offers island hopping tours. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your trip to Bohol! 🙂

  2. How many hours did you spent for the island hopping. I’m planning to do the island hopping on our last day. Our flight going back to Manila is 3pm?

    1. Hi agnes,
      We left panglao at 6AM and went back at 2PM..but that’s because we took our time snorkeling in balicasag. The see tour is your call. You can tell the boatman whenever you want to go back..i think its doable on your last day but i don’t recommend it if you want to fully experience the beauty of bohol sea tour. Happy travel!

  3. Hi! We’re planning to visit virgin island this June. Where do you find the boatman that offers island hopping? and where do you meet up? Thanks! 🙂

  4. Hi

    Thank you for the well written blog. My wife and I will be in bohol next week and would love to do snorkelling. But both of us are non swimmers. Is it safe. And do you recommend any particular tours

    Thanks ks heaps

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