The Shiphaus, The Butterflies and the Forest


After experiencing Chocolate hils, we moved on to the butterfly sanctuary but stopped along the way to have a photo opt at the Shiphaus.

The Shiphaus (Ship House)
The Shiphaus (Ship House)

Shiphaus is a ship-designed house of a successful mariner, Capt Gaudencio Dumapias.  It is located at Poblacion Norte, Batuan, Bohol, Philippines.  It was initially not a tourist attraction but because of its uniqueness, it has become an addition to Bohol’s already impressive arsenal of tourist attractions.

The Shiphaus

There is an entrance fee of 20.00 Php upon entering the house but taking the picture of the exterior of the house is free of charge.

The Shiphaus Charges:

  • Entrance Fee – 20.00 Php
  • Donation (for picture taking outside the house)Optional


Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is a butterfly sanctuary located in Bilar, Bohol.  The jovial guides gave us  butterfly and moth trivia while punching in some jokes.  They also let us hold the butterflies in every stage of their lifecycle.

Butterfly Conservation Center
Butterfly Conservation Center

Simply Butterflies Charges:

  • Entrance Fee (Adults) 50.00 Php
  • Entrance Fee (Kids) free


Before going back to Loboc for our lunch, we made a quick stop at  the man-made mahogany forest located at the border of Loboc and Bilar towns.  Being in the middle of the road, you may feel that you are being enveloped by these colossal trees.  The height of the trees provide a good backdrop for visitors taking pictures.

Man-Made Forest

Man-made Forest Charges:

  • None

This article is one of my 13-part Bohol travel series.  For more Bohol reads, check-out these links:


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