Philippine Tarsiers: Charmed by the Little Creatures

Philippine Tarsiers

It was almost noon when we visited another face of Bohol – the tarsiers.  Tarsiers are the littlest primate in the world and are found in southern Philippine islands of Bohol, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao.  They have the size of our fist with large eyes, large ears, long hairless tail, and long hind legs.

Philippine Tarsier

Although it has a striking resemblance with Gordo of Lord of the Rings, they look so fluffy and fragile that you would want to hold and caress them.  But you should not.  They commit suicides when they are stressed and holding them is one way of stressing them so it’s better to leave them alone.

Philippine Tarsier

Tarsier Facts: 

  • Tarsiers are noted as shy animals.  They get anxious when people use camera flash when taking their photos or when they are touched.  This may lead them to commit suicides byhitting their heads to hard objects which may crush their thin skulls.
  • They are naturally found at the base of the trees or at the roots or bamboos.


  • Their diet primarily includes insects such as crickets and cockroaches.
  • Tarsiers are nocturnal by nature.  They usually feed at night and sleep during the day.

Philippine Tarsier

Tarsier Conservation Area Charges:

  • Entrance Fee (Adults) – 60.00 Php
  • Entrance Fee (Kids) – free

Philippine Tarsiers

This article is one of my 13-part Bohol travel series.  For more Bohol reads, check-out these links:


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