Everything Organic at Bohol Bee Farm

After our quick stop at Dauis Church, we proceeded to Bohol Bee Farm for an all-organic experience.  Bohol Bee Farm is a resort located in Dauis, Panglao, Bohol.  It is usually included in Panglao tours offered by travel agencies and vehicles for rent.

Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm offers a guided tour around the area for a minimal fee of 30.00 Php.  The tour starts with their organic garden where they plant medicinal plants, vegetable and flowers.   Some of these vegetables and flowers were used as ingredients in their restaurant.  Yup! Flowers.  Bohol  Bee Farm is famous for their Flower Salad and other organic offerings.

Bohol Bee Farm flowers
Bohol Bee Farm flowers

We were then escorted to their livelihood area.  We met the ladies weaving the material to be used in various handicrafts like bags, fans, window coverings, etc.  These products will be sold in Bohol Bee Shop.

Bohol Bee Farm Livelihood Area
Bohol Bee Farm Livelihood Area

Next, hundreds of bees greeted us in their honey comb.  The guide told us some facts about the bees, the colony and how they produce the honey bees while taking out one compartment from the artificial beehive.  She showed us how the bees make way for their queen and even let us hold one compartment.

Bohol Bee Farm bees for demonstration
Bohol Bee Farm bees for demonstration

Lastly, we were toured around their hotel and restaurant area.  One thing that amazed me the most is that they used coconut shell instead of tiles in their building walls.  They really stood up to their all-organic bandwagon.  It is not noticeable until the guide suggested us to look at the walls closely.  We didn’t eat in their restaurant though because I’m not a veggie and I planned on having dinner at Panglao Island Nature and Resort Spa (PINR).

Bohol Bee Farm Walls
Bohol Bee Farm Walls

After the tour, we stopped by the Bohol Bee Shop where they sell their garden and livelihood produce.  We tried their best-selling organic ice creams placed in cassava cone.  I didn’t finish mine, maybe because I am not that into vegetables.

Spreads sold at Bohol Bee Shop
Spreads sold at Bohol Bee Shop

 Bohol Bee Farm Charges:

  • Tour Fee (Adults) – 30.00 Php
  • Tour Fee (Kids) – free
  • Ice Cream – 80.00 Php for two scoops placed in a cassava cone.  It comes with a variety of flavours (e.g. malunggay, spicy ginger, pandan, buko, durian, ube, etc..)

For more information about Bohol Bee Farm, you may contact them thru:

  • Mobile number:  +63917.7101062 / +63932.8832126
  • Phone number:  +6338.5101822
  • Email address:  vickywallace@boholbeefarm.com
  • Website:  http://www.boholbeefarm.com/
The pool overviewing Bohol Sea
The pool overviewing Bohol Sea

This article is one of my 13-part Bohol travel series.  For more Bohol reads, check-out these links:


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