Dauis Church and Hinagdanan Cave


After filling our tummies with Jo’s Chicken Inato while feasting our eyes with the beauty of Mag-aso falls, we proceeded to Dauis Church satisfy our spiritual needs.  Dauis Church is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Bohol.  The exterior of the church is like most basilicas  built during the Spanish era.  There was a bell tower in the facade, large windows line the sidewalls and the town plaza is just beside the church.

Dauis Church Exterior
Dauis Church Exterior

Inside, the ceiling is covered with murals portraying biblical scenes, posts are lined uniformly and floor tiles are neatly placed and maintained.

Dauis Church Bell Tower
Dauis Church Bell Tower

In front, just before the altar, there is a well that is said to have holy waters.  According to the legend, when pirates invaded the town, locals locked themselves in the church.  The well miraculously appeared when they were running out of supplies.  Up to now, people are still getting holy water from the well.

Dauis Church Charges:

  • Entrance Fee:  none
  • Parking / Toll Fee: none
Inside Dauis Church
Inside Dauis Church


One cave that is always visited by tourists in Bohol is Hinagdanan Cave.   The cave is rich in stalactites suspending from the ceiling and stalagmites sticking out from the ground.  It also has a lagoon that is a mixture of salt and fresh water.  It is naturally lighted by the rays of sun peeking through the cave holes and fllourescent lights  installed by the owner.

Stalagmites protruding from the ground of Hinagdanan Cave
Stalagmites protruding from the ground of Hinagdanan Cave

Stalactites suspending from the Ceiling of Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan cave is located in Panglao, Bohol.  It got its name from the word “hagdan” (ladder).  It was discovered when the owner was clearing off the weeds and found a hole.  To test the depth of the hole, he threw a stone on the hole and heard a splash of water.  This prompted him to further explore the area and found a larger hole.  Soon, locals heard the news and started going there to swim during hot afternoons.  The owner built a ladder on the hole for easier accessibility, thus the word hagdan and later called “hinagdanan”.  Currently, the stairs was cemented and steel handrails were installed.

Cemented stairs and steel handrails
Cemented stairs and steel handrails

Today, the cave is surrounded by souvenir stores and jolly tour guides that make your exploration of the cave both educational and enjoyable.


Hinagdanan Cave Charges:

  • Entrance Fee:             15.00 Php for Adults ad 10.00 Php for Kids
  • Parking / Toll Fee:    30.00 Php
  • Tourist Guide Fee:    Optional


This article is one of my 13-part Bohol travel series.  For more Bohol reads, check-out these links:


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