Three-Day Bohol Itinerary

Two days after I arrive from my 5-day CDO-Bukidnon-Iligan-Camiguin trip, I found myself again in Ninoy Aquino International Airport.  This time, I’m Tagbilaran-bound with my whole family as my travel buddies.

Because I was with my family, I skipped commuting and opted to hire a van to explore Bohol – touristy but more comfortable for my parents and my 3-yr old nephew.  I also took a break in searching for the most decent budget accommodation and reserved rooms in Dumaluan Beach Resort.

Philippine Tarsiers

Bohol houses waterfalls, caves, unusual geological formations, endemic species, stretches of white sand, rich marine life, century-old churches, good food and the list goes on….  A long list to support its nickname, “God’s Little Paradise”.

I contacted Kuya Tatsky for our 2-day land tour in Bohol.  His contact numbers are all over the internet and he is quick to answer my queries so I immediately agreed with his services.  Here are his contact information:

        Jesser “Tatsky” Cubero:

  • Globe – 0915-7945556
  • Sun – 0922-3671051
  • Smart – 0912-7472737
  • Email :

Day 1:  Panglao Half-Day Tour.  We arrived in Tagbilaran Airport at 10:00 AM.  Kuya Tatsky assigned one of his drivers to guide us for our trip since he has reserved engagements already.  We first went to Jo’s Chicken Inato to take out chicken and pork barbecues for our lunch in Mag-aso Falls.

Satisfied at our first day, we paid our driver 2,000 Php as he drove us to Dumaluan Beach Resort.

Mag-aso Falls
Mag-aso Falls

Day 2:  Bohol Countryside Tour.  The next morning, we began our trip at 6:00 AM to cover all the attractions for countryside tour.  It was a long and tiring day but was worth it.  We didn’t just see Bohol, we experienced it!  For our whole day tour, we paid our driver 2,400 Php.

Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills

Day 3:  Visiting the Beaches.  My brother’s family was scheduled to fly back to Manila on our 3rd day so it was only me, my sister and our parents who ventured into the Bohol Sea.

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

Day 4:  Early morning walk along Dumaluan Beach Resort and Bohol Beach Club.  Summary of our Three-day Expenses is displayed below.  Aside from the transpo and accommodation expenses, all other expenses are standard costs.

If you like to travel around Bohol on a cheaper budget,  hire a habal-habal or take the public transportation.  For those who know how to drive, there are many motorbikes for rent in Bohol.  There are also cheaper accommodation options in Alona Beach or in Tagbilaran City.

1st Day - Mag-aso Falls and Panglao Tour
1st Day – Mag-aso Falls and Panglao Tour
2nd Day - Bohol countryside Tour
2nd Day – Bohol countryside Tour
3rd Day - Bohol Sea Tour
3rd Day – Bohol Sea Tour
4th Day - Going back to Manila
4th Day – Going back to Manila

5 thoughts on “Three-Day Bohol Itinerary

  1. OMG, You have no idea how much your blog has helped me! I am travelling in a group of 8 with 3 being little kids and there’s minimal information to be found online! First, we originally were going to book with BBC but it was too expensive & we decided to book with Dumaluan (didn’t know they were beside each other until this post) – But after researching some more, I found out about Bellevue Resort that wasn’t that much different that the price I paid for Dumaluan which questioned if I made the right decision. However, after reading this post, it seems that Dumaluan is indeed the best choice as it is also close to everything! We are going for 4D3N as well so I may end up copying your exact iteniary! Thanks for taking the time in putting all the details! It is appreciated ❤

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