Blue Lagoon Cove, Pagudpod

I believe you will all agree with me if I say that unplanned trips are better than planned ones.  As for us, this was the exact case when we visited Ilocos Norte.  As in, I was informed of the trip just a day before.  Good thing, my friend lives in Dingras, Ilocos Norte so we saved a lot in lodging and in our road trip expenses.

Pagudpod is the last but definitely not the least stop for the day.  Saud beach is what usually comes to mind when one says Pagudpod but we preferred to visit Blue Lagoon along Maira-Ira Point.

On the way to Blue Lagoon, we stopped by Bantay Abot cave.  Bantay abot cave is a mountain with a hole and is surrounded rock formations and shallow waters which only adds to its picturesque beauty.

After our 5-minute picture-taking, we immediately rushed to Blue Lagoon.  It’s 2 PM already and we still haven’t eaten our lunch yet.

The secluded blue lagoon boasts of fine sand and clear blue waters.  Lush vegetation is also in place to complete its untouched paradise feel.

You can opt to check-in in resorts like Hannah’s and Punta Azul or avail of home-stay cottages.  Beachfront cottages are also available for those who will stay in the beach for the day.

As typhoon Ambo showcased its wrath in Southern Luzon, we only experienced occasional downpours in Ilocos.  Fortunately, it was not raining nor it is  sunny when we arrived in the beach.  The waves, however, are another story.  The huge waves could actually swallow you!  I wonder why is it not among the surfing havens in our country.

Swimming in the cold and refreshing waters of Pagudpod, I learned that I should not fight with the waves but to jump with it.  It was my first time to swim with gigantic waves and I found it scary yet exciting.

Blue lagoon is definitely the cherry on top of the icing of our trip in Ilocos.  Our 8-hour trip to Laoag and another 2 hours to Pagudpod is more than worth it!

The next time I go up north, I will not miss Saud Beach, Sand Dunes  and Kaibigan Falls.



2 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon Cove, Pagudpod

  1. I agree with you ma’am, unplanned travels are better as long as your schedule will allow you. We also do road trips and all of them are unplanned. There are times I couldn’t join due to work schedule (I envy my travel buddies whenever I see their pictures). Anyway, keep posting your travels and experiences as we, DIY travellers only rely on travel blogs, Google Map as a bonus tool hehehe.. I love reading your travel blogs! Even here in the office. ( I hope I won’t get caught by my boss). Just an additional info, what I know is, that blue lagoon or somewhere near that place is another surfing spot in the Philippines. It’s not as popular as La Union or Baler because there are surfing seasons in Ilocos Norte. And yes, Saud Beach is an awesome place so don’t miss it once you get back to Norte. Kaibigan Falls would take a 15 minute trek from main road. Php 100 fee for the guide. Locals also sell BIG (as in LARGE SIZED) coconut for Php20. So after the long trek, let the buko juice refresh you.

    1. Me too!!!! my office-mates’ work include travelling around the Philippines and I envy them when they post pictures of beautiffuuuullll places around the country! wow. i’m glad I was able to help. Thank you!

      yeah, it’s possible that it’s a surfing site. the waves are humongous, i tell you!

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