The Windmills of Bangui

Built by NorthWind Development Corporation, the windmills of Bangui has become one of the many prides of Ilocos Norte.   We were on a hurry the first time we visited Ilocos Norte so I only got to see the gigantic wind turbines from a distance.

Lucky enough, it is included in our itinerary this year. 

Perfectly fitted in the shores of Bangui, the wind farm consists of 20 wind turbines, standing 70 meters tall, each equipped with three 41-meter blades.

Facing the South China Sea, these windmills are lined up to catch the rage of the South-East monsoons and turn them to renewable source of energy.  Now, you may ask how strong the winds are to be a source of energy for Ilocanos.  Let these waves answer you…

Now, the sky’s cooperating! 🙂

These colossal fans have turned the once silent and simple municipality into an entrepreneurial community with stores selling miniature windmills, garlics and shirts with windmill pictures.




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