Kapurpurawan Rock Formation – A Wonder of the North

Kapurpurawan – an Ilocano term for “kaputian” or whiteness.  This is where Kapurpurawan Rock formation derived its name.

After our visit to Cape Bojeador, we stopped by Kapurpurawan Rock formation located in Burgos, Ilocos Norte.  I wonder what made it so white when all the other rocks formations around it are black?   What made it different?

After turning right from Maharlika highway, we took a 15 minute ride along the dirt road but no sign of the white rock is welcoming us.  From the jump-off point, we descended the cemented stairs surrounded by mangroves.  That’s when we had our first glimpse of this white wonder that can be reached via another 10-minute walk under the scorching heat of the sun.  But who’s afraid of the sun when you have this gorgeous image to welcome you.

This is a perfect alternative for the Filipino-favorite white sand-coast.  Although it is not advisable for swimming because of the waves furioulsy crashing against the white corals, Kapurpurawan Rock formation is perfect for realizing that God and the forces of nature are the best engineers!

The scenic view is everywhere! 

A closer look at how the waves help sculp this picturesque wonder.. 🙂

This astonishing work of art looks like an inverted ship made up of chalk.   With its allure, it’s fascinating to know why Kapurpurawan is not as famous as its neighbors, Pagudpod beach or Bangui windill.  But thanks to numerous entries in the net, this white wonder is fast gaining its much-deserved popularity.

Entry to the “head” of the rock is not allowed so we pleased ourselves with taking pictures around it.

And of course, I should not forget my facebook-worthy pic…. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Kapurpurawan Rock Formation – A Wonder of the North

  1. “Furaw” is the word for white in Ibanag, a language in Cagayan. I’ve never been to Kapurpurawan, but now I have to! Thanks for this!

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