Isla Puting Bato and Buguitay Island: Hidden Jewels of Burdeos, Quezon

Our first stop is Isla Puting Bato.  I felt my adrenaline rush as soon I caught glimpse of the rock formations.  I already pictured myself spelunking in one of the caves that huse high-wide snakes.  By the way, the island is known to the locals as a home for different kinds of snakes. 

Unfortunately, the boatman told us that we cannot land on the island since it’s low tide already.  According to him, it’s best to go there in the morning when there is no risks for the boat to bump with the big rocks in hte sea bed near the island.  Although it was a site to behold, I was really disappointed that we just took pictures of the island from a distance.

White Boulders of Isla Puting Bato
Isla Puting Bato shores from afar

 If I only know how to swim, I would swim directly to those comforting sands!!

Last look at the island before we headed to Buguitay Island 😦

Onto our next island, we went to Buguitay Island.  It was my favourite destination of the day.  All my frustations of not spelunking in Isla Puting Bato quickly vanished…totally!!!

It has a wide stretch of sand glistening under the rays of the mighty sun on one side and black rock formations on the other side.   Behind the sand is a lush flora that serves as a cover against the sun for the visitors. 

The crystal clear waters against the fine sands with the serene sky as a backdrop.
Of course, we will not leave this beautiful island without my picture!

Even the seaweeds washed in its shores did not affect its beaut

As if that was not enough, there are no other tourists and locals in sight.  Meaning, we have this magical island all by ourselves!!

After we took pictures to our heart’s content, we ate our lunch and went to our next island.  This is kuya roel, expertly maneuvering the boat away from Buguitay Island:

Our boatman, Kuya Roel



9 thoughts on “Isla Puting Bato and Buguitay Island: Hidden Jewels of Burdeos, Quezon

    1. Hi Someone! hehe

      Try contacting Kuya Bubot at 0948-542-0213. He was one of the jeepney drivers we met at Brgy. Anawan that took us to Brgy. Burdeous. He was also kind enough to let us stay at his home when our plans to stay at one of the islands didn’t push through.

      You can also try Kuya Roel at 0919-308-5381. That’s actually his daughter’s digits but you may still reach him if she didn’t change her number. Thanks for dropping by and you may also refer to my other blog entry, for more infor on Isla Puting Bato. Happy trip! 🙂

  1. Hello po tanong ko lang po sana kung pano pumunta dito sa isla puting bato kasi nag pplano po family ko pumunta dito e , thanks 🙂

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