Finding Falls in Real, Quezon

Something happened in Binumbunan Island that made us sleep in Brgy. Burdeous.  But because we don’t know where to sleep that night, Kuya Jody, one of the drivers of the jeepney, allowed us to stay at his home.  We returned to Brgy. Anawan at 12:00 AM to caught the only trip that day going back to Real, Quezon. 

Half-asleep, we managed to ride the jeepney to Brgy. Anawan and the ferry bound to Real Quezon.  Back in Real, we had our breakfast in 101 Food Corner, just outside Ugong Port.  While having our breakfast, we asked Ate Loida if she knew how to go to Lunok and Balagbag falls. Having heard our conversation, Kuya Jonathan was quick to offer his services. 


Kuya Jonathan  quoted as 300 Php/pax.  After our breakfast, we headed directly to Lunok Falls.  It took us 1 and a half hours to the falls because we made a lot of stops to replenish our supplies.

Because of the construction linking Mauban to Real Quezon going on, the road to the falls is very rocky.  Judging from the quality of the road, 300 Php/pax is a very reasonable price!

The view of the sea, however, was magnificent!

Lunok Falls is a five-minute walk from the road.  We paid 10 Php entrance fee and walked our way to the falls.  The water from top is serenely flowing to the basin and eventually, to the river.  It is surrounded by lush vegetation that added to the secluded feeling of the place.  It’s as if there’s no such place as Manila when you’re in Lunok Falls. 

 The water is cold and refreshing.  It’s shallow at the side but goes deeper to the basin. 


By doing a 180 degree turn from the falls, this is what you will see:

After refreshing in Lunok falls, we made our way to Balagbag falls.  Like in Lunok falls, Balagbag is very near from the road.  Entrance fee is 20 Php.  I guess I got used to having the place on our own in the islands that we’ve visited a day ago and in Lunok Falls that I somehow got disappointed when all the cottages of Balagbag falls are taken up.

Balagbag Falls is a two-tiered falls with waters coming from Mt. Balagbag.  The moment I saw it, I was really mesmerized by its beauty.  It was my first time to see a two-in-one falls that I just have to stop for a while and take in the moment.  Instead of waiting for a cottage, Kuya Jonathan suggested that we go to the 2nd level of Balagbag Falls and stay there.  Wanting to be alone, we climbed the slippery rock beside the lower falls with all our things and backpacks. 

Midway to the falls is this charming little basin.

I was in awe at the sight of the first basin.  It was really beautiful! 

This is the left side of the falls.

As you can see, the water level is just above the ankle so it’s not really ideal for swimming.

This is the right side.

We sat on one of those rocks and let the waters fall onto our backs. Spell relaxing! 🙂  I can’t get enough of the beauty of the falls that most of my time was spent on taking pictures.

This is how the 2nd falls look like from above.

As much as I wanted to keep this place a secret, this place is just so beautiful to be hidden. 





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