Burdeos, Quezon: Anawan, Anilon and Binumbunan Island

We next visited Anawan Island but just like in Isla Puting Bato, we contented ourselves in taking pictures of the island from afar.  This time, I believed kuya Roel when he said that the boat might bump with the rocks.  As I looked below, I could also see how rocky the surroundings of the island is.

From afar, you can see the relaxing feeling of Anawan Island.  I can only wish I was sleeping in one of the hammocks under those coconut trees, or bask under the sun or do nothing at all!

We then went to Anilon Island.  On our way to its shores, we passed by Anilon Cave.

Unlike Buguitay Island, there are swimmers in the shore as we approached the place.  There are also locals living in the area.  Speaking of which, beware of these locals.  After swimming and walking along its shores, we were approached by this lady and she pointed us to a signboard saying that landing fee costs 150 Php.  Being kuripots that we are, our skepticisms took over.  We asked the lady to whom the fee will be given and she answered that they collect all fees and give it to the owner.

We asked the boatman about it and he himself was skeptic but told us to just give her 100 Php to prevent arguments.  When we gave her the money, she accepted it and quickly returned home.  See!  If that fee is saved for the owner, she should have insisted 150 Php because she will be responsible to the owner.

Because of that, we quickly returned to our boat and sailed to our last destination for the day, Binumbunan Island.  The sun started to set while we are sailing to the island but we are fortunate enough to make it in the island just in time for me to take this photo:

Binumbunan Island has a snake-shape stretch of sand on one side:

……and a forest on the other side:

We were alone in the island – no locals and no other tourists.  Soon enough, we learned that we’re not.  There’s a snake living in the forest of the island so we asked Kuya Roel to take us back to Brgy. Burdeos.



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