Burdeos, Quezon: Planning the Trip

It all started when I was googling details for my upcoming Bohol tour.  I came across a blog feauturing Isla Puting Bato and Anawan Island.  At once, I was drawn to the big white rocks of Isla Puting Bato resembling that of Coron and the white sand of Anawan Island.

I immediately shouted at my officemate who is also a part of my college barkada and told her to look at the site that I’ve seen.  This will be a perfect place for our get together this summer.  We’ve been to Pagbilao, Quezon the previous year so exploring the other side of Quezon would be great.  And then it was set! 

I was assigned to do the research but doing so was very exhausting.  There’s not much to see in the net about the place.  Instead of being disappointed and cancelling the trip, that made me even more excited about our vacation.  Burdeous, Quezon is a paradise.  A secluded and undiscovered paradise waiting to be revealed.

Since I have no idea about the lodging and restaurants of the place (except for one Kuya Bonn’s lodging whose published contact no. is not working), I made our trip survivor-themed.  We will bring our own food, sleep in our own tent, make our own fire and watch out for ourselves.

Come July, the real adventure began.  I experienced the longest, and by far, the most memorable weekend of my entire life.

Day 1:  A day of travel and of seas and skies.  We get to see Isla Puting Bato, basked under the sun in Buguitay Island, appreciated Anawan Island and Anilon Cave, swam in Anilon Island and collect one of a kind memories in Binumbunan Island.

Day 2:  We found hidden falls in Real, Quezon.  We were charmed by the inviting Nunok Falls and challenged by the multi-tiered Balagbag Falls.



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