Burdeos, Quezon: Getting There

It was 2:00 AM when my friends and I went to Raymond Bus Terminal in Legarda.  Manila to Real is a 3 and a half bus ride and if we wanted to maximize our two day travel, we better catch the first trips of everything.  When we arrived there, the 1st bus going to Real is already leaving so we waited 1 more hour for our turn.

We paid 168 Php for the ordinary bus.   Aircon busses are also available with a 198 Php fare.  After a number of  stop overs, magnificent views and failed attempt to sleep because of one of the passenger’s rooster’s constant crowing, we arrived at Ugong Port, just in time for sunrise. 🙂

The first trip going to Brgy. Anawan departs at 8:30.  After paying for the fast craft and terminal fee (a total of 160 Php), we decided to head for the boat to wait for the departure time and eat our breakfast.

The day is just starting for most of the locals

Our 3-hour travel to Brgy. Anawan was surprisingly fun.  We arrived at this beautiful Anawan port, paid the 10 Php port fee and boarded the big jeepney bound to Burdeous. 

The road to Brgy. Burdeos is a 30-minute bumpy ride.  Travelling along undeveloped roads made me realize that we made a good decision of choosing to ride the jeep instead of the tricycle.  It was an enjoyable trip though since you can really sense the eerie silence and the relaxed feel that only a secluded barrio can bring.  It’s like riding a 4×4 in a desert!

We met co-drivers Kuya Bubot and Kuya Judy in the jeep.  They offered to introduce us to the boatman in Brgy. Burdeos.  Because we don’t know where to find a boatman, we accepted their offer.

We arrived at Brgy. Burdeos, at 1 PM.  As referred by Kuya Bubot and Kuya Judy, we hired Kuya Roel as our boatman.  He charged us 3,000 Php for all the islands that we want to see.  He will aso accompany us during our overnight stay in one of the islands.  We didn’t try to haggle anymore since we have decided earlier, base from our research, that 4,000 Php will be our price ceiling for our 2-day sea trip.

A river behind kuya Roel’s home is connected to the sea and serves as the parking lot for their boats.  We excitedly jumped into his boat and the adventure began!


  • Raymond Bus Terminal, Legarda, Manila (168 Php for ordinary and 198 Php for aircon busses).  Tell the driver to drop you off Ugong Port.
  • In Ugong Port, ride a fast craft going to Brgy. Anawan (160 Php).  As an alternative, you can ride the fast craft bound directly to Brgy. Burdeos but this is a 5-hour sea trip.  There’s also a fast craft going to Polillo Island if you want to explore the Polillo beach.
  • After paying 10 Php terminal fee in Brgy. Anawan, you can choose between riding an oversized jeepney (150 php/person) or a tricycle (50 Php) bound to Brgy. Burdeos.


  • Kuya Bubot, the driver’s assistant.  Very accommodating and helpful. – 0948-542-0213
  • Kuya Roel, the boatman – 0919-308-5381



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