Iligan: Finding Tinago Falls

Northern Mindanao, contrary to most believe, is a pretty safe place.  I got a chance to go to CDO and Iligan as part of our work.  One day, my Mindanaoan co-worker brought us to Tinago falls for us to have a break from our week-long work.  

Going to Tinago Falls, you first have to cross through a line of coconut trees.Image

 It was not that hard to find ourway to the falls since signboards like this one were placed in one of the trees.


I have not been to a water falls before so I didnt know what to expect when I got there.  I was not prepared to climb down the uneven stairs made of rocks going to falls.  Halfway the stairs, I can aleady feel my limbs trembling.  Its name suited the falls very well because one has to really exert an effort to go and find it.

The walkway to Tinago is surrounded by thick bushes and trees.  Silly me actually thought that some kilometers away from those trees, rebels were hiding..haha


I was starting to feel exhausted when I heard the sound of rumbling waters as it descend beautifully into the small basin.  I immediately hurried going down as this sign welcomed me.Image

The water in the basin is cold and refreshing.  All our efforts going down were washed away by the beauty that was tinago falls. 




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