Zambales: Half Moon Beach, Subic

It was one superhot summer day when my relatives decided to go to Subic to spare ourselves from the heat.  We originally planned to go there the next day since we attended a family reunion in Pampanga.

We checked-in at Ocean View Resort in Brgy. Baretto.  Despite the number of visitors in the beach, we managed to find a cottage just in time for the sunset.  After we have settled, I immediately grabbed my camera and started to chase the sunset.

Chasing Sunset

It was so hard getting this photo due to the multitude of swimmers and boats in the area.  Sigh, I dont think I can relax with this mob.  So, I went back to our table and ate my dinner instead.  After an hour, we started to see the consequences of the numbers of swimmers:  the bathroom has no water (so it smells stinky) and there was a power outage (so we cannot swim in the beach).  Though they do have a generator, it cannot accommodate to light the beach area, so the kiddie pool (which is beside the stinky comfort room) was the only available place for swimming.

With this, we decided to check-out and find a better resort to stay for the night.  I’ve seen this beach while capturing sunset photos and we decided to give this a try.

Half-moon Beach captured from Ocean Vida Resort

And so we packed our bags and transferred to Half-Moon Beach. This place is covered by  fine sands that the moment I stepped out of our vehicle, I wanted to run and roll in the sand.  Since I already had my dinner, I immediately changed to my swimming clothes and ran to the beach.  Nevermind the cold water, this has been so hot and tiring, I’m swimming!!

The next day, I woke up early just before the moon gave way to the first ray of sunlight.  With my camera, I wandered in the beach line, taking advantage of the fact that the swimmers are still asleep, so I had the beach all by myself ^^

Floating Cottages in Half-Moon Beach

I always find the beauty of sunrise so fascinating.  It’s like the sky is colored by a child with a creative mind and a grade school crayons in his hands.

Sunrise in Half-Moon Beach
Half-Moon Beach at Noon

We stayed in the beach until the sun is at its peak and it amplified the color of the sky, ocean and the trees.

With a  limit of 500 pax, the resort was able to make the visitors relaxed.  The fine sand, clear water and mountain background made it picture-friendly.  The water is so clear that we can see the small fishes that are swimming with us.


Before we checked-out at noon, the sand that brought us comfort during the night was untolerable for our feet.  Nonetheless, it is still very nice to look at.



  • Half-Moon Beach is right beside the National Highway, right after Ocean View Resort.
  • It is also accessible via blue jeepney from Victory Liner terminal in Olongapo.
  • Cottage is 800 Php for 12 hours.
  • Entrance is 120 Php for adults, 100 Php for 8-12 y/o and free for 7 y/o below.

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