Makati: Eat-and-Grill-All-You-Can at Yakimix

It was Friday night when our boss suggested that we eat at Yakimix.  Yakimix is an Eat-and-Grill-All-you-can resto in Greenbelt, trinoma, and MOA.  It offers variety of food from different authentic Japanaese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino food.  

Who would’nt want an eat all you can??So, off we all went to Greenbelt 3 and arrived there at 7:30 PM. We were queued at no. 45 while they are currently serving no.18 (yep, that’s a long wait).  We were served at around 8:45.  As we enter the restaurant, we were warmly greeted and assisted by the staffs.  Taking pictures of their buffet station is prohibited so I was not able to take any.

If you don’t want to wait in the line, you may call the resto days or even weeks before your visit, specially if you intend to eat there Friday night.  

They have their station for maki and sushi…and there’s a lot of them!!!..california maki, maguro sushi, chicken and apple sushi, spicy salmon sushi, unagi sushi…and many others!! it’s a mecca for sushi and maki lovers.

They also have a station for cooked foods…We were hungry from the loooong wait so we ate cooked foods first.  

They have baked mussels, tempura, crispy pata, lechong baboy, beef with orange sauce etc.  This was my plate.  I did not get rice because I don’t to be full that early.  I didn’t like their tempura because it has more breading than the shrimp itself.


This was my friend’s plate.  She is more daring to eat rice in our first plate….

They also have a long center table for raw meat and seafoods for you to grill.  They are already marinated so all you have to do is place them in the smokeless grill.  They also have different kinds of dipping sauce at the side.  if you cannot decide on which dip to choose for your foods, you may ask one of the waiters to prepare for you.

We made sure that we will have a favorable variance of the food we eat and the price we pay…hehe

Desserts section is what I love!! There’s  vegetable salad, fruit salad, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, kiwi.

They have strawberry and chocolate cake, ice cream of difffent flavors and nips, kisses, marshmallow, chocolates, and gummy bears for ice cream toppings, coffee jelly, cheesecake and a lot more reason for your tooth to jump in excitement!

Yakimix rates…You can eat all you want but make sure that you dont have any left-overs.  Else, you have to pay the left over price of 799 Php.

When we asked for our bill, we intentionally placed this in the waiter’s line of vision so he would charge the left-over price.  We were not charged of the price though.  


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