Rizal: Escape to Daranak Falls

December is a month for reunions and get togethers.  Instead of going out and partying, my friends and I decided to go Daranak Falls in Tanay Rizal.  Daranak Falls is a two or three-hour ride from Manila, depending on traffic.

It is open everyday, from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM but it is not advisable to visit the place during summer because of the mob of local tourists.

Entrance fee for Daranak is Php 20.00 for adults and Php 15 for kids.  Cottage/table rentals cost Php100.00.

You may tell the driver to pick you up on a certain time or just get his number and text him when you’re done enjoying this beautiful place.

Since we arrived there earlier than the other tourists, I managed to get this picture, with no one in the falls, except for the two lifeguards.  Lucky us!! ^^

View from our table
If you’re not a swimmer like me, you can rent a salbabida for only Php 30.00 and enjoy the cold water of Daranak falls.  It’s basin is sorrounded by rocks so you may not worry about going too far with your salbabida.
They placed a piece of wood onto the second fall for precautionary measures.
Imagine if that wood is not there and someone fell here…
the river….
more pics of the falls….
The water is so so, so cold.  If that is because of the month or if it is its natural temperature, we don’t know.  Nonetheless, swimming there is fun and enjoyable.  We actually stayed in the place for 5 hours just floating with our salbabida’s.
Oh di ba.,this place makes you forget about the stress and noise of the city.  It’s serene ambiance helps you feel relaxed.
  • From Starmall, Edsa, you may ride a van (GT express) to Tanay Rizal.  Fare is Php 70.00, as of December 2011.
  • Tell the driver to drop you off Tanay Market.  It’s hard to miss this place because there is  Save More, Tanay and an intersection of Jollibee and 7-11.
  • From there, you may ride a tricycle.  Since we’re a group of five, the driver asked us to pay Php30 each.  Try to haggle with the tricycle drivers, specially when you are travelling alone.  Tricycle ride is about 15 minutes.

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